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10-21-05 - Updated Game Progress Page.  It's really been a while, hasn't it.  Don't fret...I haven't given up.  Not much work remains, and this game will finally be ready!!!

9-4-03 - Updated Game Progress Page.

4-12-02 - Added Game Music Page.

3-16-03 - Added Site Banner Ad. See the Join THQ Page.

3-13-03 - Added Join THQ Page. If you would like to help me out, visit this page. Added a new banner image. Added Link Icons. Updated Game Progress Page.

2-22-03 - Updated Game Progress Page.

11-29-02 - Updated Game Progress Page.

11-23-02 - Updated Game Progress Page.

11-12-02 - Updated Game Progress Page. I also have created a Banner Ad for the game, and if you would like to put it on your site, it would be a great help. If you are interested, e-mail me .

11-3-02 - The Hobbit's Quest v. 2.0 Beta is completed. For more information, visit the Game Downloads Page. Added new Screen Shots. Updated Game Progress Page.

10-27-02 - Updated Game Progress Page.

10-21-02 - Updated Game Progress Page. Updated Game Levels Page.

10-12-02 - Updated Game Progress Page.

10-8-02 - Updated Game Progress Page. Updated Game Levels Page.

10-6-02 - Updated Game Progress Page. Created Old Game Progress Page.

9-29-02 - Updated Game Progress Page. I have a music artist! I also have a new e-mail address. If you need to contact me, Emil me at .

9-22-02 - Updated Game Progress and Game Levels Pages.

9-16-02 - Added More Tolkien Games Page. Updated the Game Progress  Page. Added a Screen Shot of Level 15.

9-14-02 - Updated the Game Progress Page.

9-12-02 - Updated the Game Progress Page.

9-1-02 - Added knps.dll file to the downloads page. If you have had trouble running or installing The Hobbit's Quest, download this file. Added LEGO Page.

8-31-02 - I updated the Game Progress page.

8-24-02 - Sorry for the lack of news. I just created a  forum for my game and all other unofficial/unlicensed games .

8-12-02 - I have added a new project on my Web Site. Upon the Release of The Hobbit's Quest Part 2 I will open a Tour of the Mines of Moria and the Lonely Mountain. I also added two songs from the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. I updated the Game Progress Page. Added Screen Shot of new level.

8-11-02 - Web site has a little different look. You now can choose your Mountain and learn about it. All it has right now is a short history and a verse from a poem.

8-6-02 - I was on vacation last week, so their has not been much progress in the game. I updated the Game Levels Page. I have added three new levels. Also updated is the Game Progress page . Added Screen Shot of Part 2. Added a NEW Hobbit's Quest Game Poll.

7-26-02 - I updated the Game Progress page. Also available is the Hobbit's Quest Demo, a game that includes a level from Part 1 and a level representing Part 2 which WILL NOT be released in the Full Version of Part 2. Click here to download.

7-22-02 - I updated the Game Progress page.

7-18-02 - There no longer is a password for the Hobbit's Quest Game Forum. I added a screen shot of part 2 . I updated the Game Progress page.

7-6-02 - Added the Hobbit's Quest Game Forum .

7-6-02 - The Hobbit's Quest v. 1.05 had a bad glitch, which did not allow you to get the password for part 2. Through all of this I think I have learned to double check my work. You can download the version here .

7-5-02 - The Hobbit's Quest v. 1.00 had some glitches. You can download the corrected files here . Sorry for the inconvenience.

7-5-02 - Updated Game Levels Page and Game Progress Page. Also put the final version of the Hobbit's Quest  up for download.

6-13-02 - First day of Beneath the Mountain.

6-13-02 - Shelob's Lair has been reconstructed. Shelob's Lair is now Beneath the Mountain.
I updated the Game Progress Page. Added Multiplayer Game Screen Shot .

5-25-02 - I updated the Game Progress Page. Added Web Gems and site links. New Screen Shot . Added Web Counters from .

5-20-02 - Shelob's Lair has moved. From now on visit

5-19-02 - Added Game Suggestions Page with a Hobbit's Quest Game Poll.

5-15-02 - I updated the Game Progress and Game Levels Pages.

5-12-02 - I updated the Game Progress Page.

4-28-02 - I added a page with the Screen Shots of The Hobbit's Quest.

4-24-02 - First Day of Shelob's Lair.
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