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Welcome Beneath the Mountain


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Join The Hobbit's Quest

There are a few ways you can help me out. Anything you do will be appreciated.

Banner Ads

If you would like to put one of these banner ads with a link to my site on your web page, I would be very thankful. Just save the picture file as a .Gif file, place it on your site and link it back to my site. I have a few you can choose from.

Beneath the Mountain Banner Ad

This banner ad is for the Beneath the Mountain Web site. It gives a brief history of Moria.

Original Hobbit's Quest Banner Ad

This is the ad I had on my site for the past few months. It was intended for the original January 1 release.

New Hobbit's Quest Banner Ad

I recently finished making this one. I wanted an ad that brought a little more suspense than the first one. It gives the basic plot for the game and names a few of the enemies Frodo will face.

Beta Testing

If you would like to play the beta version of the game, e-mail me . Testing includes filling out a form I will give you so I can get your opinion and fix any glitches in the game. This would help me out the most.