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Listed Below are the Game Levels of the Hobbit's Quest Part 1 + Part 2. Upon completion of Part 2, I will unveil the Game Levels of Part 3. Game Levels are subject to change.

Part 1 - Game Levels
Gandalf Arrives in Hobbiton
Frodo sells Bag End
Level 1: Start of the Journey to Crickhollow; Passing of the Bywater
Level 2: Farmer Maggot
Arrival at Crickhollow
Level 3: Passing of the Old Forest
Tom Bombadil
Level 4: Passing of the Barrow Downs
Barrowhites Capture Hobbits Bombadil saves them
Level 5: Battle with a Barrow-white
Bombadil saves them
Level 6: Road to Bree
Inn at Bree
Level 7: Road to Weathertop
Level 8: Battle on Weathertop
Road to Rivendell
Level 9: The Frozen Knife
Level 10: Ford of Bruinen

Part 2 - Game Levels
Council of Elrond
Crossroads of the Misty Mountains - Your Choice
Level 11: Snows of Cahadras, the Redhorn Gate, or Moria
Level 12: Wolven Battle
Level 13: A Journey in the Dark
Level 14: Battle in Moria
Level 15: The Bridge of Kazad-dum
Level 16: The Escape Out
Level 17: Boats down the Anduin
The Emun Muil - The Breaking of the Fellowship
Level 18: Escape from Boromir
Level 19: The Passing of the Emun Muil
Meet Gollum
Level 20: Passing of the Dead Marshes
Black Gate
Level 21: Battle with Faramir and Southrons
Faramir's Hideaway

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