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To view the Game Progress starting 10-6-02, visit New Game Progress

The Hobbit's Quest is moving along quite smoothly. All levels in Part 1 have been created. Due to size, I have ended Part 1 at The Council of Elrond. Part 2 is over nearly finished. Possible Release date has not been decided yet. I still need some music for the games. I have finally found a music artist. Jeremy Young said he would be music artist. If you have downloaded the game, I'm sure you have noticed that the music (except for the theme song) wasn't that good. Don't worry, I made it, and it is only temporary. This guy majored in music in college, so his music should be good. The game has been completed up to level 16: Escape from Boromir, which I just added to the game. I have finished all Breaking of the Fellowship scenes. The next level I will create is Level 17: Passing of the Emun Muil. Major art project is making Gollum. I have not started this yet. I have added a level to the game. Level 20 will be in Part 3. Only 3 levels remain to be created in Part 2.

I just completed Level 15: Boats down the Anduin. Frodo and Sam both sit in an Elf Boat, floating down the Anduin. The player will have to dodge rocks and logs that come near him. The Screen Shot can be seen here .

I have found out the secret to KNP "Scrolling". Knp was not created with scrolling, but there is a crude way to do it. I may use this in non-platform parts of the game. The new level I added, Level 16: Escape from Boromir has this. It is quite limited. Also, the next available version of the game (v. 2.00) may have more of this.

I have started school, which means a little more work and less play. I will try to work on the game in my spare time, but the teachers are trying to kill me with homework.

Part 2 is going to be more of an action game. It will consist mostly of platform games, but it also will have other types of levels.

Also available on the Downloads Page is the Hobbit's Quest Demo containing 1 level from Part 1 and a level representing the Moria level which will not be included in Part 2. THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO PLAY THAT LEVEL .

I have listed on the Game Levels page Part 2's Levels. The Levels can always change, depending on how large the game becomes. I also will put the final version on the Game Downloads page.

I have added a Multiplayer Game Level for Part 1. It is titled "Battle in Moria". I have added a screen shot of the Multiplayer Level . Part 2 Multiplayer Level will be "Battle on the Dead Marshes". Sam and Frodo will commence in Battle in Part 1's Multiplayer Level. Sam and Gollum will battle in Part 2 on the Dead Marshes. CLICK HERE to vote on Part 3's Multiplayer Level.

There are many differences between the beta version 0.10 and the final version 1.05. If you like, you may download both versions to see the growth of the game.

I am using a program I downloaded from . It is called Klik and Play. It is a very easy program to use and I would suggest it to anyone who would like to make their own computer game. I also use the simple program Microsoft Paint to make my background pictures.
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