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Favorite Tolkien Sites -- Your guide to all things Middle-earth! - This is a great Tolkien site with lots of stuff to check out.

Tolkien computer games - This site has nearly every Tolkien Computer game created. It also has lots of free downloadable games.

MYPRECIOUS.CO.UK - J.R.R Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit - The Silmarillion - This Flash site is pretty cool. It has Tolkien games you can play off the site and Tolkien trivia. Really neat animations. - This is the Flash site for New Line Cinema's Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. It has a lot of cool screen savers, shots from the movie, etc. Anything on the movie can be found here. - A Tolkien site devoted to the upcoming movie, upcoming games, basically anything Tolkien can be found here. - Official site of the Hobbit 3d computer game. You can download a beta version of the free game here. - Quest for Mordor page. You can download the game here. Also a Klick and Play Game. Pretty Good Game. - This is a cool web site with cool music and some funny links.

Web Stuff - Follow this link to get a free web counter. - Get a free membership for web add-ons like chat rooms, forums, web counters, etc. Nearly 20 services for free! - Free Web Gear for your site.

My Home Page - To learn more about me, visit my home page. - My Lord of the Rings Unofficial Computer Games Forum
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