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To view the Game Progress from before 10-6-02, visit Old Game Progress

10-21-05 - I have left you hanging for two years, but now I have good news.  I just saved a bunch of money by switching my insurance to Geico...just kidding.  I have, however, been recently working on finishing this game, and I expect an internet release before Christmas.  I just felt I should finish this game or I would be angry with myself forever.  I am currently working on a novel, balancing school and work, and I am lucky to have time to work on this at all.  The novel is on hold for a few weeks as I work on finishing this game.  The game has gone over a rather large facelift, but it is looking quite nice.  I honestly never thought I would finish this game, but it now appears that I shall.  I apologize that it has taken so long.  I have created a few new levels and I have made a few game maps and created Bag End.  It should end up pretty sweet...I hope.

9-4-03 - Wow it has been a long time since the last update. Well I would like to say that the game is finished but it will be some time before that can be said. I have been busy most of this summer working a job. But I just recently started work on the game again. I have intended to make the extremely boring story sequences a lot more interesting. I also am working on the game maps and adding a lot more details to them. The longer I work on this project the better it gets. Many things have been added that were not int he original. I have also added some more exploratory levels. Currently I am working on Frodo's home Bag End. I hope to have more levels like this such as Frodo's home at Crickhollow, the house of Tom Bombadil, and the Inn at Bree. Anything to make it more interesting. I also may be changing the shops and making them exploratory. I also have decided I will release a shortened version of the 2.0 beta to everyone. I hope to have the game finished soon, but there is still much work to do.

3-13-03 - I recently learned how to do ledge hanging in KNP. This will be a big help and I will soon add this to the levels. I am also trying to make the game look more Two-dimensional with the backdrop. Right now I am working on fixing glitches and improving graphics in levels to make the game more interesting. I am also going to create a new game intro. I am "cleaning up" sloppy animations as well.

2-22-03 - Yes, it has been a long time since you have heard any news. I'm sorry. I decided to take a break from the game. I'm back now. I have completed animations for most of the hobbits. This is something I wanted to add. I want to make this as good of a game as possible. No release date for a while. I just want to do this game right. Many Klick n' Play games are slapped together without much thought. I want to make this an extremely good game. I have not started work on the Multiplayer game, but A Knife in the Dark will have Frodo battling the Witch King. There still is beta testing that must be finished. So far I have three people testing the game. If you would like to test, e-mail me . There are two positions left.

11-29-02 - Level 10 modifications are complete. I still need to add some finishing touches. I hope to get those finished soon. All beta testers should send in their forms by December 18. That way I will have enough time to fix those problems before the release. I have begun work on the new multiplayer level. It is called A Knife in the Dark. About a Month remains before the release of Ring of the Halfling.

11-23-02 - I have started the modifications for Level 10. There are still some minor modifications for the other levels that need to be done, but the game WILL BE finished in time for the January 1 Release. There are still collision techniques, Health Monitor, death animations, and music that need to be added to the game. Only 5 weeks, four days before the January 1 release.

11-12-02 - Levels 8 and 9 are finished. Only one more level remains to be modified. After that I will run debug. Currently I am creating death animations for Frodo. Only seven weeks until Ring of the Halfling is released. I still have room for four beta testers, so don't miss out! The new Frodo image looks ten times better than the old sloppy one. I just got Microsoft GIF Animator, so here is a comparison between the new Frodo and the old Frodo.
11-3-02 - A beta has been released. I also have released seven screen shots. Three levels remain. The Rivendell Game Map will be added to Part 2. The Hobbit's Quest - Ring of the Halfling will be released January 1, 2003. Mark your calendars; this is a BIG release.

10-27-02 - Not a whole lot of game news right now. Jeremy Young, the game's music artist, has completed most of the music for Part 1. Level 8 is not going to have any impressive scrolling. The player will only control Frodo's attacking. I think I will add another part to the level with normal player control, but sadly no scrolling.

10-21-02 - Sorry for the delay in news. The game is finished up to Level 7: Road to Weathertop. The next level I will be working on is Level 8: Battle on Weathertop. It will have a totally new platform than the original. It may also have scrolling. I will not promise this though. I have also added another level: Level 9: The Frozen Knife. Part 1 will end before the Council of Elrond and the Rivendell Game Map.

10-12-02 - Modifications are finished to Bree. The Bree game map is finished. There is a total of four game maps. The game maps are as follows: Hobbiton, Crickhollow, Bree, Rivendell. On the game map are things like shops and other things to go along with the story line. The next level I will work on is Level 7: Road to Weathertop.

10-8-02 - Added Level - Level 5: Battle with a Barrow-white. I changed the Barrow-white to look more like a ghost. Modifications are finished to this level.

10-6-02 - The game has gone through a major face lift. I am now modifying and perfecting Part 1. It is being modified with added graphics, RPG elements, and also game maps. I have finished the modifications to Level 3: The Old Forest. You now also will collect gold and mithril to buy supplies and food. There is also a new feature: Level Information Bar.
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